Happy Mentality // Pharrell x Fela Kuti

dj100proof remixed Pharrell‘s massive hit “Happy” with Fela Kuti’s “Colonial Mentality” from his 1977′s Opposite People/Sorrow Tears and Blood. The Seattle DJ dubbed it “Happy Mentality”.

I thought the shuffle tempo, driving bass lines and horns of Fela Kuti could provide a nice backdrop, so I chopped up his classic.

Stream below.
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How to Participate In the Rebel Researchers Collective

Rebel Researchers Collective was founded on the principle of serving as a community to socially and professionally support scholars and professionals who have dedicate their skills and knowledge to the cause of social justice in some form or another. RRC also aims to be a resource hub for finding out how to do research, art, design, or other things in a way that contributes to social change. In order to push this vision forward, we have set up a number of ways for our readers to engage with us. Continue reading

Marketization of Education and the “Ranking Fetish”: Rajani Naidoo

Dr. Rajani Naidoo of the University of Bath explains how higher education is becoming increasingly market driven, thus becoming less interested in the common good. Dr. Naidoo gives advice to the Danish education system on what to prioritize and what to avoid.

Source: The Sociological Imagination

Caprice Down // Oddisee

Oddisee drops the official video for “Caprice Down” from The Beauty In All LP. Directed by Jeremy Ian Thomas, the video features the Hammer City Skate Collective – a crew of Long Beach grinders founded by Michael K. Green aka Blacc Mike, who was gunned down in 2005 in a case of mistaken identity.

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Africana Sociology and the Postcolonial Challenge to “Global” Sociology

WP_20140206_15_21_24_ProIn my previous post and in the follow up by Shenita McLean, the argument was presented that at their core the social sciences are Eurocentric projects and that project of decolonization need to be undertaken to challenge this eurocentricism. The proposal that I put forth was Africana Sociology that would upend the hegemony of European social thought and place a premium on the development and use of African epistemologies and methodologies. Sine those first postings my thoughts on the prospects for an Africana Sociology and its relationship to the mainstream have changed. Continue reading

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