Android Game Development & Programming

We know that the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will continue to rise in 2011 but already interesting developments are starting to occur. The ongoing battle that is raging between Android and Apple has revealed some interesting results in the first half of this year.

At one stage Apple had a clear market share in the smartphone market but recent figures show that things have changed. Android sales now account for 36% of the smartphone market against Apples 16.8%. This change in the market has spurred on Android developers determination to produce quality software that will contribute to future growth.

Why choose to begin learning about Android development? Many choose android to begin developing because it doesn’t cost the earth to get going. The development tools that you need to get started are free and will work on most Windows, Macs and Linux machines. Fees to distribute your apps within the marketplace are low, meaning that it is the perfect place for budding developers to create and test their latest mobile applications.

The freedom that Android development provides is what appeals to developers who are finding their feet. The sharing of source code is encouraged to help you along and because the platform is open-source, based on the Linux kernel, developers are openly encouraged to add to and grow the platform.

With the amount of new devices running this platform growing, there is a good opportunity to make good money if you hit on an app that becomes popular. Android devices are taking advantage of new advanced hardware so Android apps are becoming more and more sophisticated and are giving some iOS apps a run for their money.

Career opportunities in Android development are numerous at the moment and should continue to grow as the popularity of the platform grows. Whether going it alone or joining an android development team the future seems bright for most companies as the need for businesses to have their own application ensures that money is going to be spent in this industry. Many tutorials are available online to get you started in developing for Android with many having instructional videos and source code that you can use to get a grasp of how things work.

Although the previous figures mentioned may have had something to do with Apple customers holding back spending until the arrival of the new iPhone, there can be no mistake that further growth in Android development is expected. If you are looking to have an application developed, weighing carefully which platform to have your app developed on, is a wise course. If it can be afforded, developing your app on all platforms will of course give your app the best chance of success. But if not then Android is certainly a popular choice due to the recent success it has been having.