Android Games Apps Similar to Cut The Rope

Similar games to cut the rope:

The award-winning Angry birds and cut the rope turned the tables round with million downloads on various platforms. Where angry birds on one side gathered fan following for its colorful wingless creature and sling shot, cut the rope on other hand sensibly used the finger touch sensory on Smartphones and tablets to feed the hungry monster. Brainchild of Zeptolab, Cutting the rope with a swipe to toss the candy was acclaimed as an impressive and addictive approach.

Though there are not many apps on the same guidelines, 3 similar and alternative games to cut the rope for android are:

1) Fruit ninja:

Developed by the half brick studios fruit ninja has similar abstracts from the most liked action-puzzle game Cut the rope, which involves slicing the objects with a swipe of the finger. Your fingers serve as a blade to create a slicing motion on the screen and cut the target. Multiple fingers can be used to slice collective fruits thrown on the screen.

The game gets challenging when explosives are infused with fruits to hinder your play. The player is required to skip the bombs amidst the launch of fruits to prevent ending of game. The game gets addictive when you keep retrying the game again and again to achieve the highest score.

The element of slicing fun is combined with puzzlement which brings you back to the game with pleasure and energy to unlock the new challenging levels and achieve the highest score ever.

2) Slice it:

Slicing was never so thrilling and exciting, until Fruits mobile came out with a very interesting and innovative subject Slice It. The game revolves around the geometrical shapes and slicing them with equal symmetry to get the desired number of shapes in equal proportion. Each level designates the numbers of equal shapes to be formed with the use of minimum pencils.

The segments are formed with use of two fingers which creates illusive line on the screen .When assured; slice the line with a swipe of the finger. Sounds easy initially but as you proceed with the levels, the task gets more challenging and brain teasing.

The confounded shape in each level, the hard-win goals and the obstacles to be untangled involves a clever and tricky approach to the game.

3) Out my way

A simple and fun loving alternative to cut the rope comes from Alfies Ark which works on the slicing principle of the game and requires sliding the car with a swipe of a finger to make its way to exit. A puzzle based game involves clearing the parking lot by shifting various other cars so that the player’s car gets enough space to reach its destination.

The number of cars obstructing the flow of your car increases with each level puzzling you throughout the game. An easy substitute to cut the rope is equally amusing and entertaining, giving you the sense of addiction.

The alternatives to cut the rope would give a new gaming experience with more challenging, enjoyable and addictive game play.