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As with most any service offering, an iPhone App Marketing Makeover is labor intensive. With only so many working hours in a day, that means I can only accept 3 new projects per week. That gives me two full work-days to focus solely on each project to ensure its’ success.

I’ve posted my upcoming schedule below. As you can see, I’m booked solid until the middle of next week. If you act quickly, you can reserve my time for one of my Open project slots. Don’t procrastinate, or you may find yourself having to wait a few weeks for an opening. Time is money. The sooner you reserve, the sooner I’ll be able to complete your iPhone App Marketing Makeover…and that means MORE SALES for you.

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As an iPhone App Developer, I’m sure you read many of the same blogs and websites that I do. If so, I’m certain that you’ve read plenty of success stories that other iPhone Developers have had over the last year. Thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in weekly sales from some mind-fumblingly, simple apps.

What you hardly ever hear though is that results like that are not typical. Maybe 1 out of every 100 apps in the App Store ever break the $1,000 in sales mark.

Why is there such a wide disparity in success?

It’s all in the marketing…

Sure, there are many factors that result in a particular app failing. If the app is targeted to a very tiny niche (like Beekeepers in Alaska), then the app is destined for failure.

But most Apps have a much larger market than that, and they are still failing.

So what is it that some of the more successful App Developers are doing that the unsuccessful (or modestly successful) Developers are not?

They use specialized direct response marketing and public relations techniques. These techniques guarantee that the Developers are MAXIMIZING their App sales. Let me explain…

Simple, yet powerful marketing techniques

Successful App Developers master two areas to ensure that their sales are reaching their potential: Traffic and Conversion.

Traffic is simply getting iPhone owners eyeball’s to their App’s iPhone product page. Conversion is the process of taking that traffic and convincing him or her to buy your App. It’s really as simple as that.

Let’s start off by talking about conversion. Without solid conversion setup first, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you send to your product page…sales will suffer.