Mobile Business Applications – Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

Want A Custom App? – Very Limited Openings

Marketing and Building a Brand

Mobile business applications are an increasingly vital means for businesses to build and promote a brand. The goal of branding is to create an emotional response among customers when they think of, or interact, with the business.

All of the major businesses in the world invest a large portion of their marketing budgets into developing mobile business applications that allow customers to better interact with the business and develop stronger relationships.

It is more important than ever before for businesses (especially small businesses) to maximize their return on investment for every marketing dollar that is spent. Traditional marketing methods, such as radio or print ads, are less effective than ever before. It can be very difficult for businesses to accurately track the results they provide. Customers can tune out radio ads or avoid them altogether with streaming radio options. Print ads are largely regarded as ineffectual.[EC1]Streaming TV services and video on demand are dropping the chances of TV ads hitting home with the target market. Mass emails have a low success rate because they are often reported as spam.

How Mobile Apps Succeed

Mobile apps can succeed where other marketing strategies fail because they provide the ability for a business to interact directly with customers. Smart phone usage continues to grow at astounding rates with global usage expected to double in just the next few years.

Most smartphone users have the phone with them or within reach at all times. Studies have shown that mass emails have an optimistic success rate of around 20% (that means the customer actually opens the email, regardless of whether it is read). By comparison, people tend to respond to a text message or a push notification within minutes. A mobile business app will have been downloaded by the customer. The app will then provide direct interaction within the app itself and via push notifications. The push notifications are extremely vital for providing tailored information to customers such as sales, promotions and other relevant details in a manner that grabs attention.

Mobile app statistics are easily tracked and provide valuable insight. It is easy to see at a glance how many people have downloaded the app and how many people are receiving notifications. These apps can have amazing results for a business regardless of the size or the nature of the business. It is now a reasonable expectation that larger businesses have a mobile app available. These types of apps also provide a great way for smaller businesses to increase market share.

Making the Most of Marketing Dollars

Many businesses have failed to create a mobile business application because of the expected high cost. It is now more cost-effective than ever before for businesses to have a customized app created that embraces the brand and works to drive sales.

There are mobile application solutions available that deliver amazing results for a very reasonable and affordable cost. This affordability makes it possible to businesses of any size to employ similar mobile promotion strategies as major companies for a fraction of the cost.

Choosing a development company with strong marketing and technology skills helps to ensure that the mobile business application works across all mobile platforms reaching the maximum number of customers in the target market.