Must Have Android Applications

Just got your Android mobile phone? Here are some android applications that you must have!

Android phones are trying to compete with the iPhone, not only on the style of the mobile phone but the applications that are available. If Apple have their iTunes store, Android has the Android Market, with the number of applications steadily growing.

Some applications that require a payment in the iTunes store are even offered for free in the Android Market, like the very popular game Angry Birds. If you just got your Android mobile phone, here are some applications that you must have:

Dolphin Browser HD

Forget the default browser on your Android phone. Dolphin Browser is a faster, more reliable, and gives a better internet browsing experience. It allows multi-touch browsing, which makes it very similar to the browsing capabilities of the Safari Browser on iPhone or iPod touch. It also allows you to view multiple websites using “tabs”.

Dolphin Browser also uses “gestures”. You will draw a shape or a letter on the screen which will execute common commands. For instance, drawing the letter “F” will load the facebook page for you. Gestures are predetermined but also could be configured by the user.

Advanced Task Killer

Sometimes, you are not able to close applications on your Android phone and you forget about it. This drains your battery faster because the application is still running on the background. Advanced Task Killer takes a look at all the running programs in your Android phone and gives you the option to end the application.

3G Watchdog

Using 3G may add a considerable amount to your phone bill. It’s hard to track whether or not you have already consumed your available mobile internet usage from the plan you got. 3G Watchdog is an application that tracks your mobile internet usage every time you use 3G. You could also set the limit of usage you can use per week or per month.

An icon that looks like a battery will load on your Android phone. If you are still under your limit, it is colored green. It turns to orange if you are almost at your limit. When you reach your mobile internet usage limit, it will warn you.


What Swype does is it allows you to drag across the screen keyboard and the program automatically detects what word you are trying to type. If the program does not know what word you are trying to type, you can “teach” the word to it.

Next time you try to type that word again, Swype will recognize that word and automatically put it on the screen. With Swype, you won’t even have to press the space bar anymore unless you are trying to start a new sentence.


Another application that changes the way to input text is by using MessagEase. At first it looks like a Rubik’s Cube of characters but it is based on scientific research that it will make typing on mobile phones faster. It has 9 squares with different letters on it with the most commonly used letters.

Other letters aside from those 9 are inside those squares as well but on different areas aside from the center. For instance, the letter N is on the top middle square but the L is on the bottom of the “N” square. If you want to type the letter “L”, tap on “N” and drag down.


If you want to log on to different instant messaging networks by just using one application, get You add your different instant messaging accounts and see all your online friends on just one screen. Available networks are: MSN, Yahoo, AIM/ICQ, Google Talk, My Space, Skype, Facebook, and Jabber.

Documents To Go

This application allows you to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files. This application is helpful especially if you are always away from your office. Leaving your laptop behind will no longer decrease your productivity level. If you also want to open Adobe PDF files, you must obtain the full version of Documents to Go.


These are only some of applications from the Android Market that make your Android phone more useful. All applications listed here are free. There are thousands of other applications out there that are both free and require payment. The Android Market is still growing and there are still a lot to try. For the meantime, these are the essential and free ones.

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