What is a Mobile Marketing App Developer?

Traditional marketing strategies are becoming highly ineffectual at generating new business and turning customers into repeat customers. Television and radio ads are expensive and produce results that are very difficult to track. Most mass emails are ignored totally, or discarded as spam. For smaller businesses, any money that is spent on marketing needs to produce a high return on investment or it can significantly hurt the company.

Mobile applications are quickly turning into one of the top marketing tools available. A mobile app provides a line of direct access from a business to its customers that was previously impossible. In order to properly harness the power that is possible with a mobile app, it should be developed by a mobile marketing app developer with the experience and skills necessary to create a fully interactive experience for customers.

A successful mobile marketing app developer should provide a unique combination of technical expertise and marketing knowledge; something that is extremely rare in the industry. A savvy developer with a keen eye for marketing can combine these two different elements to produce excellent marketing apps. This promotes a streamlining of the process and an app that properly promotes the brand in the best possible way.

Mobile loyalty program apps are a great way to gain access to customers for specific targeted marketing while also helping to drive repeat business. A mobile marketing app developer will be able to design and create an app that turns customers into repeat customers while promoting the business.

Should you Build Your Own Mobile App?

This is a question that most businesses will ask at some point. In almost every case the answer is no. The cost to develop a custom app from scratch can be astronomical. It is simply too much money for small or mid-sized businesses to spend. These apps can also take months to develop. In many cases, that is too long to wait. In a competitive industry like business time is of the essence.

A mobile marketing app developer company can often get an app fine-tuned, running and out to market in a fraction of the time for a much more manageable cost. Since the app building and marketing process is streamlined, the apps are much more customizable and able to execute any number of different marketing campaigns.

Executing the Marketing Campaign

A customer loyalty campaign is one of the easiest marketing strategies to employ with a mobile app. Enrollment is typically one of the major obstacles when introducing a customer rewards program, but people inherently love to download new apps for their smartphones and tablets.

Whether the loyalty program involves a punch card model or the point model, a smartphone app makes it easier for users to keep track of progress towards goals and it also makes it easier for the business to directly see how the customer interacts with the app. This information is vital to understanding how to:

  • Promote the business
  • Increase purchase frequency
  • Increase the amount spent on each transaction

Find out how a mobile marketing app developer can help you launch a new customized loyalty program app to get the results you need while maximizing your marketing budget.