A View of the”State of the Masses” in Libya

In the frenzy to come out against the “state of the masses” people, even on the left fail to take time to tyr and understand the roots of modern Libya to see whythere is even a civil war. If Ihave to pick between this and the pro-west rebels I’m going to opt for the state of the masses which as noted in the video Qadaffi is not the head of. Watch the video and let me know what you think about this social organization in theory and practice in the comments.


5 thoughts on “A View of the”State of the Masses” in Libya

  1. Video Submission

    Franklin Lamb in Tripoli – Libyan’s ask “Why Now?”

    A fresh report from Tripoli on the mood and situation on the ground. Franklin Lamb is a well known International lawyer who provides regular updates from the Arab world.
    Recorded July 10 2011 ..


  2. Very interesting video. How long has be he been in Libya? Was it before the war? It interesting everyone who hasn’t been in Libya before the war acts like they have authority to speak on what “living Libya” is like.


  3. I like the video. Libya looks like a invisible country, it´s frontiers aren´t real, isn´t a nation and state, gives the impression to be tribalist, resulting from the colonialism. SO, not easy to understand this war.


  4. Yea it’s not which is why I find it funny that people who don’t know nothing about the history or reality of Libya feel qualified to make judgments about it and its issues ya kno? Look out for a post later tonight, I’m going to try and parse out my analysis of the Libyan Civil War.


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