[Hood Sociology] Lagos Lullabye: A Perspective on City Life

Singer and Lagos native Siji recently premiered the video for his single “Lagos Lullabye” off of his upcoming album “Home Grown.”

Check out his video below and if you suck at following song lyrics like I do check them out here

The video depicts Siji being driven through Lagos in a taxi. In the video and his song you get a snapshot of life in this African metropolis. The last set of verses snapshots the common dual presence of religion and poverty in poor urban communities:

“Big men standing tall and oppressing
On the streets of Lagos
Holy Rollers preaching and a singing
On the streets of Lagos
Everybody’s hustling to survive
Yet another day in Lagos”

As an added bonus, check out this making of video where Siji shows more of the city, particularly Ebute Meta, and comments on him leaving Lagos and coming back home.

Check out the rest of Siji’s work at http://siji.bandcamp.com/


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