Rebel Researchers: VENT Mag

When we talk about rebel researchers we are referring to individuals or groups who have chosen to use their professional skills whether its in sociology, graphic design, law, social work, or dance to contribute to the furthering of justice in our society. They are rebels because they go against the grain of what society expects them to use their education and skills for, which is often power and profit.

Today I want to introduce two people I consider rebel researchers, Jamiah Mootry and Savion Mingo and their publication, VENT. Residents of Buffalo, Jamiah and Savion recently launched a new zine called VENT which covers issues from poverty in Western New York to street harassment. They use infographs, poetry, essays, and research articles to convey information and perspective on  these issues.

What I was really impressed with is how they take issues that are often covered in sociology classes and express them in ways that less reflect academic prose and more the reality on the street. Work such as VENT has the potential to expose to people ideas that are often only talked about in tight political circles or at research conferences.

Jamiah and Savion were kind enough to answer some questions for us about their zine and make a video detailing their answers. If you want to learn more about their work and what they hope to accomplish with it check out the interview below:

And of course make sure to read the zine here:


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