Introducing the RRC Directory and RRC Discussion Hub

Recently (well really since last year) we’ve been thinking about this site’s mission to facilitate research, professional, and artistic work that further social justice goals. In my experience one of the best ways to facilitate this is though collaboration with other scholars and practitioners. Unfortunately it’s not always easy for people to find other like-minded folks to do work and connect with, especially those who are new to fields or spaces such as graduate students.

As a grad student myself I though about what I would have liked to have seen when I started graduate school and decided to do decolonized/radical scholarship. These things were 1) a list of people doing what I do who I feel safe reaching out to support and 2) a platform where those of us who are on the same page can collaborate and discuss projects, problems, or share references. Twitter in many ways has been these two things for myself and others but it’s not a perfect solution in my opinion.

To the ends of facilitating collaboration and community building among those who work for social justice, Rebel Researchers Collective is rolling out two new site features: The RRC Directory and the RRC Discussion Hub (hosted on Slack). We’ll go over both below.

The RRC Directory

Inspired very much by the Media Diversified Experts Directory and the many independent Twitter lists people have compiled, we thought it would be good to compile a similar list for folks to find our fellow rebel researchers. The RRC directory’s goal is to offer a space for folks to find and connect with activist-scholars/professionals/artists. The directory serves as an easy way for people to find folks to do consulting work, mentorship, collaborations, media/news stories, and the like. This is our small way of trying to facilitate exposure for folks working in these areas. Of course, using and being added to the directory is free. All you need to do to be added is fill out this form, and we’ll add you to the public list promptly.

We are going to request submissions for a week or two before posting the first version of the public list. We’ll post a placeholder page where the final directory will go for the time being.

The RRC Discussion Hub (Hosted on Slack)

The other grand initiative we are adding to the site is our new discussion hub. The purpose of the discussion hub is to facilitate discussion and collaboration on a variety of topics within the community. We are using Slack as our platform for the discussion hub because of its ability to be used from almost any platform and for there to be split channels by topic. This allow people to be engaged in a number of connected conversations, share references, discuss possible projects, ask for advice, and the like. Think of it as a mini Twitter with more features and without the trolls and harassers. On the harasser note, we will of course be actively monitoring the discussion hub and won’t tolerate ANY kind of oppressive/discriminatory communication. Like the directory you can join the discussion hub for free by filling out this form.

Overall I hope these new additions will be of use to those of you who read and interact with Rebel Researchers and I look forward to hearing y’all feedback on how things work and how we can improve them in the future. Before I close, I have to especially thank Shay McLean for helping me put together and refine both of these additions. Please go check out his work over at Decolonize ALL the Things. Also look forward to the continuation of Shay and I’s podcast The Liberation Circle in the next few weeks as well as new blog posts on the site.


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