About RRC


Who Are We?

The Rebel Researchers Collective is a network of scholars, activists, organizers, professionals, and artists whose main goal is to provide a space for supporting research or professional work that contributes to social justice. We do this by facilitating discussion, collaboration, and support activities that makes it easier to do social justice orientated research, art, or other work.

Our Principles

  • That we live in a society governed by systems of oppression such as capitalism, racism, patriarchy, ableism, cishertonormativity, neo-colonialism, and many others.
  • That mainstream academia and professional/creative industries are often organized and influenced to justify and sustain these systems of oppression.
  • That we as scholars, professionals, and creatives understand that without shifts in how we do research, create art and music, or engage in our professional fields, we will contribute to furthering these systems of oppression.
  • That knowledge or information that does not reach the hands of activists, organizers, policy makers, or the general public is knowledge that’s being wasted.
  • That by engaging in and supporting those who are using alternative and critical practices within our field we can contribute to creating a pool of information, media, and skills that can help make change happen in our world.

Who We Engage With

  • Academics of all fields from sociology to literature to physics
  • Musicians, designers, and other creative workers
  • Individuals in professional fields such as social work and law
  • Activists, community organizers, and volunteers
  • Policy makers and those working within government
  • Anyone else who’s interested in creating a better world for ALL people

Please check out our blog, the RRC directory, and our resource library. Also feel free to contact us if you would like more information about a particular initiative or any other reason including possible collaborations.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your post “Assimilation vs. Assassination.” Would it be possible to repost this on Migrant Tales (www.migranttales.net). Since we write about pretty much the same things, you are free to repost our stuff if you wish. Keep up the good work! Enrique, Migrant Tales


  2. I didn’t see this until now. Apologize for the late response. Feel free to repost the article.


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