Writers Guide

For both full-time writers and guest writers/ contributors there are few rules we ask everyone to follow when they write pieces for RRC.


  • For pieces geared towards the general public please minimize the use of academic or professional jargon. If jargon needs to be used please include definitions.
  • Word length: Pieces should be as long as it needs to be to get the point across. Be mindful of your audience when determining this.
  • When including citations, even for academic pieces, use hyperlinks that open in a new tab/window. If there is no online presenceĀ make a list of references.

WordPress Specific Guidelines

  • Always include a “more” tag after the 1st or 2nd paragraph if the piece is more than 500-750 words.
  • Include a featured image with all posts ideally at least 1080 pixels across.
  • Always include posts in a category and add 1-8 tags to the post.