#TheseAcademicHands and Higher Ed’s White Supremacy Problem

Before I write anything it needs to be said that I have it relatively good in these academic streets. I’m a cis Black man who’s at a top Sociology PhD program with funding and advisors who support me and allow me to do the kind of research I want. My biggest personal fears in academe is being rendered as a token or getting my research and … Continue reading #TheseAcademicHands and Higher Ed’s White Supremacy Problem

[Interview] Breaking the Silence in the Congo with Satori Ananda

Part of our blog’s purpose is to highlight struggles for liberation and freedom going on around the world and do what we can to let everyone know about them. On that note I had the pleasure some time ago to talk with Satori Ananda, an activist and organizer working with an organization called Friends of the Congo. Their organization’s goal is to highlight the abuses, outside influences, and internal conflicts that is tearing the Congolese people apart. Their main organizing effort in this capacity is an event called Congo Week which was October 14-20th last year. They also have a speaker tour which also spreads their message across different communities. Below is an email interview done with Satori about conditions in the Congo, her organization’s involvement, and what you can do to support their efforts.

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