Join RRC Discussion Hub and Directory

There are two ways to join the Rebel Researchers Collective:

  1. Join the Rebel Researchers Directory: The RRC directory’s goal is to provide a space for folks to find and connect with activist-scholars/professionals/artists. The directory serves as an easy way for people to find folks to do consulting work, mentorship, collaborations, media/news stories, and the like. This is our small way of trying to facilitate exposure for folks working in these areas.
  2. Join the Rebel Researchers Discussion Hub: The purpose of the discussion hub is to facilitate discussion and collaboration on a wide variety of topics within the community. We are using Slack as our platform for the discussion hub because of its ability to be used from almost any platform and for there to be split channels by topic. This allow people to be engaged in a number of connected conversations, share references, discuss possible projects, solicit advice, and the like.

Important Note: All interactions that happen between people and the consequences thereof, NOT including those on the Slack channel, are the sole responsibility of the people involved. RRC only takes responsibility for the behavior that happens directly on our site and discussion hub. By that note, we reserve the right to ban anyone from any RRC space for any reason. By filling out either form, you are agreeing to these very basic terms of participation. 

Link to the form for the Rebel Researchers Directory 

Form for Access to the Rebel Researchers Discussion Hub:



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